Oct 18

The stock market has this wonderful tool called options. You can decide to use options instead of a straight up trade on the current stock price. However, before you even begin with option bot trading you have to understand the principle behind it. Options are the right to exercise a future trade. You do not have to follow through on this “contract” to buy a stock. Instead, you are trying to see if the market will react as you calculated or will not. If the market reacts as you hope, you then take the contract and make your money. If the market reacts against your plan, you leave the options contract unfilled. You lose the commission you had to pay for the set up of the contract, but this is minimal to the loss you would sustain on a contract that reacted against your calculations.

InvestmentIf you can understand the basics of how options work, then it is easier to answer the question of how options trades might affect stock prices. There are two answers to the question.

The first is that there is no impact. Since options are a contract that you must exercise the stock price may be left completely alone. You set the contract up for a future date and wait to see if you want to exercise that options contract. If you decide not to, then stock prices will remain as they were.

The second answer is that for a small moment there can be a minor impact on stock prices, like anytime you buy into a stock there will be a market reaction. The larger the stock buy the more impact it has on the stock price. This is the volume and liquidity reacting in the market. If you fulfill the options contract because it was favorable to your position and would provide you with an earnings on your investment, the stock price will change slightly and then even out.

If there are a lot of options filled on that particular stock, then you can expect a larger impact for a short time. Just remember that when you buy a stock there are also those who are selling the same stock. A person might have bought in at $100 on one stock and rode the tide up to $200. They take out their profit, but you expect the market to go from $200 to $400, so you option the stock. The price moves and you buy in with the options contract, making that $200. Someone else doing a straight stock trade bought in too and rode the wave up to $400 before selling out and taking their profit.

The idea behind options is for the market to move the stock prices and for you to make a profit on the potential contract should it turn in your favor. There is no problem for you if the contract is not filled due to a lack of proper price movement, as seen – www.optionbotrevealed.com . So, you might have a minimal affect on stock prices, but most often there is nothing to see.

Oct 18

To understand the difference between commodity and forex trading, you first need to understand the definition of both types of trading. One of the reasons many find forex or the foreign exchange market complicated is the many parts that make it the largest financial market in the world. A part of trading options is using commodities to make money. The following will explore the definitions of both types of trading and the differences.

eurosCommodity Trading

Commodity trading is where you buy and sell commodities like cocoa beans, oil, gold, sugar, wheat, cattle, or lumber. You take a position on your trade as to how the prices will trend for these products. You can also consider your position based on arbitrage opportunities. Basically you do not have a specific asset you trade, but rather you look at forward or future contracts for these assets. The contracts are not often delivered or hedged. Instead, you base your position on whether you can make money by fulfilling the contract or if you will let it go taking a loss on setting up the trade in the first place. There is always a commission to set a trade up.

Forex Trading

Forex or foreign exchange trading is buying and selling currency pairs. You buy one currency and sell another. In theory you decide that you will sell one currency because the other is going to increase in value; thereby, you make a profit on the difference between the opening rate and the closing rate. The difference between the stock market is that you buy shares in stock and then sell those shares in stock when the price has increased. You are always going to buy and sell two currencies when you trade a Forex growth robot. You might buy AUD and sell USD or you might see the USD increasing in value so you sell AUD and buy USD.

The Difference in Commodity versus Forex Trading

Forex trading is a giant market where you have spot trades, futures, options, forwards, ETFs, and ETNs. Notice the futures and forwards mentioned? You can place these two trade options on another currency or you can use a currency to buy a commodity. So, both markets have futures or forward contracts. One just uses another currency and the other uses a commodity asset like oil, cotton, pork bellies, or silver.

When you hear statements in the news about buying or selling pork bellies, the newscaster is often referring to future or forward contracts in commodity trading. Commodity trading allows you to diversify your investment portfolio beyond the stock market or forex market.

You can trade in both commodity and forex markets . Many do in order to protect their investments. When the forex market is shaking they might turn to forward or future contracts in commodities. Gold and oil are considered safe havens for currency traders because both are in demand and will continue to be in demand. The price can always rally even when an economy is in trouble. In summation the true difference is how you trade and what you trade between commodity and forex.

Oct 7

While trading currency, you will most likely hear someone mention a “pip”. This stands for the percentage in point of a currency pair that is traded and is a common trading term. Sometimes pips themselves will be called points by some traders, so it is important to keep those terms in mind. With the exception of the Yen, the major currencies will value this as 1/100 of a cent. The Yen however is listed as being an actual cent.

investAs you trade currencies, you will note that they are typically traded in units of about 100,000. A pip in this case would be 10 units of the currency that is being quoted. This can give you an idea of the base changes when dealing with currency. For the yen however, 1000 units make up the pip in this case and this is vital to remember when you are trading forex.

Sometimes, you can find the breakdown of the pip as far as five decimal points. This isn’t always the case and it is important to be aware of this variation when you are dealing with any financial transactions in currency trading. With online traders, you are going to find that is more common to discuss trades in terms of pips rather than actual dollar amounts. This allows them to avoid disclosing any kind of financial information about the size of their accounts and causing them potential financial headaches.

Any example of this can be seen using the EUR/USD as an example for million dollar pips Forex traders. A trader may disclose that they made 500 pips profits in this trade. As an amateur, their profit would be minimal, while a high end trader could be talking about 100,000 lots. Either way the transactions would be the same pips and there is no net profit or loss listed in terms of finances. Although the profit or loss on a lower end pips transaction would be vastly different from the high end transaction. So in a case where there is a transaction of $200,000 and a pip is calculated as being .0001 x $200,000 each lot has a value of $20. So at 500 pips profit, that would be $10,000 per lot.

Keep in mind that since you are trading currency that results also won’t always be in the dollar. Sometimes you may have British pounds or the Euro as currencies. The final value of the trade would then be converted into the dollar or your native currency if you were to be paid on it, changing the amount of money that you take in based on the sum of your trading balance. That is of course a different matter in itself when you are trading currency.

Aug 2

There are some basic things to learn before you begin Forex megadroid trading. Don’t make the mistake of getting started without learning some of the things that will influence the outcome for you. While there are always going to be variables that you can’t control, there are efforts you can make that will help you to tip the scale in your favor with this type of trading.

Credible Resources

invest-buttonYou must be careful when it comes to learning Forex trading. Only count on credible resources out there or you will get mixed information. You need to get your information from resources that can be trusted. Remember, not everything you read online is true! Some of the information out there is misleading so that they can get you enticed to hire them as a broker or to buy their software for Forex trading.

There are some terrific seminars you can attend and most of them are very reasonably priced. You will be in a program with other newbies so you will all be on the same page with the learning curve. This is also a unique opportunity to ask questions. There are plenty of online videos and webinars you can view as well.


In order for the information you read to make sense to you, get a firm grasp on the terms involved with Forex trading. When you come across a term you aren’t familiar with, take the time to look up the meaning. Otherwise, a great deal of the information isn’t going to make sense to you. Make sure you are also familiar with currency names and symbols for various countries.


With any form of investing there is risk, so make sure you assess it relating to Forex trading. Never invest money that you can’t afford to live without. It is also recommended to diversify your investments. This type of strategy allows you to make money from some of the investments which is a safety net for when you lose money on other investments.


Once you have the basics in place, practice Forex trading without any money involved. This will reduce the pressure and stress on your end. Look for free software programs online that allow you to do this. It is a wonderful way for you to explore what Forex trading involves, to make decisions, and to see outcomes – all without putting any real money on the line. Once you feel comfortable, you can start using money for your trades.

Ask Questions

Never make assumptions when it comes to Forex Trading. If you aren’t sure about something, look for information. It is better to have solid information to start with than to make some wrong decisions because you had incorrect or incomplete information to work from as an example here – http://forexmegadroidexposed.com . Forex trading can be fun and it can make you money but invest your time to learn before you invest your money!

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