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The stock market has this wonderful tool called options. You can decide to use options instead of a straight up trade on the current stock price. However, before you even begin with option bot trading you have to understand the principle behind it. Options are the right to exercise a future trade. You do not have to follow through on this “contract” to buy a stock. Instead, you are trying to see if the market will react as you calculated or will not. If the market reacts as you hope, you then take the contract and make your money. If the market reacts against your plan, you leave the options contract unfilled. You lose the commission you had to pay for the set up of the contract, but this is minimal to the loss you would sustain on a contract that reacted against your calculations.

InvestmentIf you can understand the basics of how options work, then it is easier to answer the question of how options trades might affect stock prices. There are two answers to the question.

The first is that there is no impact. Since options are a contract that you must exercise the stock price may be left completely alone. You set the contract up for a future date and wait to see if you want to exercise that options contract. If you decide not to, then stock prices will remain as they were.

The second answer is that for a small moment there can be a minor impact on stock prices, like anytime you buy into a stock there will be a market reaction. The larger the stock buy the more impact it has on the stock price. This is the volume and liquidity reacting in the market. If you fulfill the options contract because it was favorable to your position and would provide you with an earnings on your investment, the stock price will change slightly and then even out.

If there are a lot of options filled on that particular stock, then you can expect a larger impact for a short time. Just remember that when you buy a stock there are also those who are selling the same stock. A person might have bought in at $100 on one stock and rode the tide up to $200. They take out their profit, but you expect the market to go from $200 to $400, so you option the stock. The price moves and you buy in with the options contract, making that $200. Someone else doing a straight stock trade bought in too and rode the wave up to $400 before selling out and taking their profit.

The idea behind options is for the market to move the stock prices and for you to make a profit on the potential contract should it turn in your favor. There is no problem for you if the contract is not filled due to a lack of proper price movement, as seen – www.optionbotrevealed.com . So, you might have a minimal affect on stock prices, but most often there is nothing to see.

Aug 2

The faint at heart shouldn’t get themselves involved with trading options! This is a very fast paced process and one that involves confidence in your choices. It is also going to create some challenges. There will be ups and downs with trading and it isn’t for everyone. If you let the stress get to you, then it can become overwhelming.

Decision Making

There is a great deal of decision making that is involved with learning binary options trading signals to make a profit. For the faint at heart, this can be too much for them to handle. They may be second guessing this outcome and that one. As a result, they can become frozen in time, taking no action at all due to the risk of failure. There is no crystal ball when it comes to trading but you can use statistics to reduce risk and for it to be calculated to some extent.

Value of Stocks

Without a complete understanding of the value of stocks, then it can be hard to realize all of the variables that apply. Too many people see trading options as low risk but that isn’t always the case. There are so many “what ifs” that must be taken into consideration. Understanding everything from the worst case scenario to the best case scenario is very important. Never dive in as that can cost you a great deal of money.

Self Confidence

chartIf a wrong financial decision is going to diminish your self-confidence then trading options really aren’t right for you to be involved with. Ask any investor out there and he or she will tell you that they have made some bad decisions from time to time. They didn’t let it get the best of them though. Instead, they used it to challenge them to learn, to grow, and to do better the next time around!

Financial Stress

If you can’t afford to lose money, trading options are never a good idea. You will be in dire straits financially if you lose out and then you will have more problems than you know what to do with. Never get involved with such trading if you can’t afford to lose the money. Some people look at the options as a cash making process and they are devastated if it doesn’t happen to work out that way for them.

Remember, this type of investment means you aren’t using your own money! Instead, you are borrowing the money that you plan to invest. Even if your investment doesn’t pan out, you still owe that investor that money back! They also have the right to ask you to settle your account at any time due to changes within that business you invested in.


Trading options aren’t for the faint at heart, so take a self-assessment. Ask yourself the tough questions and be honest with your answers. If you feel that you should move forward with trading, then make sure you have a strong foundation with the basic information to build upon and learn more here – http://binaryoptionstradingsignalsexposed.com .

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